Kendy Gable

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Kendy Gable is a musical artist who interweaves poetry, stories, and melodies. Her work expands beyond the stage, encompassing ceremony, ritual and interactive experiences. She believes that music, even though an ethereal art, has the capacity to create space and to hold listeners and the musicians themselves. She is a performing artist, writer, and teacher with a deep interest in the interconnection of humanity and our relationship to the immediate environment in which we live and the natural world that sustains us.Kendy lives in Berlin (Germany), but was born and raised on a small farm in the mountains of central Pennsylvania (USA). Before arriving to Europe, she traveled and lived across the United States and in Melbourne (Australia).Her connection to the natural world and her experience of travel and urban life, all create a unique sound that finds inspiration from both environments. She weaves poetic songs that are thoughtful, heartfelt and powerful. Her songs are filled with questions of consideration. The themes in the songs that Gable writes are not superficial. With depth, beauty, and hands covered in soil, Kendy aims to open hearts and minds to consider and value the world and the lives that surround us.She lives with her husband and two young sons in Berlin.

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